Multi-Tasking – All A wasted Effort? – A Perspective

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it-point-image_2261873bFor seemingly decades there has been much scholarly debate about the ability of some individuals to multi-task.  Attractive as this thought might be, it seems multi-tasking is rarely that, and actually in most individuals leads to greater imprecision.  It would seem that the smart advice is what most successful people have learned – to focus on individual tasks and complete them as best as possible before moving on to something else.  To emphasize this concept, I practice this consistently.  For example, having no paper on the desk when I leave in the evening, and allowing only one piece of paper or document to be on my table at any one time.  The task of that document is always concluded before another one is allowed to arrive, and I allow and schedule ample time for each individual task. That way, I believe it is possible to race through many tasks during the day.  Another tip is to prevent the bad habit of “roll back”. That is recalling a document once it has left your desk just to look at it one more time – hardly anything could be less efficient. Do the task best the first time and leave it at that.